Let’s pause the blur

Time to press pause on the scenes that are usually a blur from the passenger windows as we rush past, on our way to this and that. Time for slow. For fresh air and dirt. Time for a wonder. To play. Let’s pause a while longer.

A bush setting with a young person in the foreground. They are holding a map and skipping along the sandy path.

Not that it is ever needed to encourage adventure, the little map his hands hold never fails to spark imaginative play as we walk. A fallen log now a ship with a slimy, snoozing octopus who guards a golden treasure. We tippie-toe past. An exaggerated ssssshhhh. A little wonder as we wander.

A pirate map sits on a desk with seed pods. driftwood, a compass and some sea glass surrounding it. two little toddler hands and a wisp of blonde curls are above the map, reading it's directions.

Those chubby toddler hands that still will reach for mine – my gold.

A hand embroidered adventure map for your own little treasures can be found in my Etsy store. These are custom made, so we can make these a special fit for your own adventures if you’d like.

A close up of pink-bearded heath, a small native shrub. The flowers a white with furry edges. The leaves are dark green and thin.

And whilst he may be here in hopes of finding something shiny, I’m getting lost in the flowers. Pink bearded heath (I think) the tiniest flowers with the sweetest scent, like breathing honey as you pass.

A close up of a waxflower bush. The petals are white and the leaves are dark green.

Come a play a while the tea tree sings.