Floriography – moving forward

There exists a copy of ‘The Language of Australian Flowers’, written by George Robertson and Company, printed in 1891. It at first reads as a blissful time spent with flowers and shared as encouragement to British friends to make the journey to Australia. A whimsy poetry to take the strange and distant land and showContinue reading “Floriography – moving forward”

It’s always been the trees

The grevillea in the front of my childhood home was large enough for me to climb and perch in, I could watch the bees, butterflies and birds all day, hidden up there. The honey yellows and soft peachy pinks of the funny shaped grevillea blossoms will always be my part of childhood memories. Gosh IContinue reading “It’s always been the trees”

Hyacinth Orchid ~ A free embroidery pattern

The days are a little wobbly at the moment aren’t they? So much uncertainty I find myself swinging between a useless puddle of tears, to moving around the house with nervous energy. Embroidery is my mindfulness, my mind slowing down to the speed of my fingers. I’m sharing this pattern to share my slow withContinue reading “Hyacinth Orchid ~ A free embroidery pattern”

Welcome to the ramble.

Here I am, starting a blog in 2020. There’s a voice inside that says, ‘are you mad? No one reads blogs these days, why are you bothering?’ Luckily there’s another voice cheering, ‘it’s 2020, get out there, you’re worthy of space. TAKE. IT. UP.’ That voice also came over and helped me put this pageContinue reading “Welcome to the ramble.”