a lady wearing black rimmed glasses sits at a wooden table. there is a magnolia tree in full blossom and pink petals everywhere. She is drawing.


Maker and creative

I’m Kacie, the creative behind With Thread. It’s a place for modern embroidery art inspired by nature. I am passionate about colour, texture and a slower pace in our days. I’ve been embroidering for many years, finding the rhythm of slow stitches a lovely balance to motherhood.

Custom design is when we get to become friends! You share with me what vision you’re dreaming up & then I bring it to life! We chat, share photos and it’s honestly something I love!

My time and skills are treasured, and while I wish capitalism wasn’t our current social structure, we’ve gotta work with what we’ve got until better comes along right? So I’ve done my math, and while pricing creative skills and worth is tricky, I’ve made a price list for you here.

Custom design price guide

  • Quote design – banner and hoop
    • Design Rate – $45 plus per letter charge
    • 1 – 10 letters – $3.75
    • 11- 20 letters – $3.25
    • 21 + letters – $2.75

  • Floral hoops
    • 6 inch floral design – $65
    • 8 inch floral design – $85

If you have any questions or inquires please reach out to me via my etsy store.