Mini project: Droopy Bloom

Droop a little rest and play

and don’t forget to drink some water!

Looking for a distraction? Want to invite some creative play into your days? Let’s stitch a droopy bloom together!

Embroidery is a simple craft, it doesn’t require a lot of expensive supplies to begin and once you’ve learnt the basics, you’ll have the confidence to explore your own stitchy talents! When starting this project remember to kind to yourself, learning is process – mistakes will happen – scissors are your best friend! You snip away the mistakes and start again!

I’ve used my favourite colours’ to stitch this, so feel free to use your own too, or whatever you have at home. I’m using a cotton/linen blend of fabric from my stash, there’s no need to go buy new cloth to make this – an old shirt or pillowcase can work just as well. You’re looking for a fabric with a close weave, not too loose.

A photo from above of an embroidery hoop sitting on calico background. Mustard brown fabric is in the hoop & a white outline of a flower is drawn on it. Black scissors, a white pen and three thread cards sit around the hoop.


Thread: We’re using standard DMC embroidery floss. This is available from almost every craft store & online.

Hoop: This sits in a 4 inch bamboo embroidery hoop

Cloth: The fabric I have used is a linen/cotton blend from my stash. I also enjoy stitching on calico cotton. You need a piece of fabric big enough to fit in the 4 inch hoop, with edge. It needs to have a close weave to hold the thread.

Scissors: Embroidery scissors are small and very sharp to ensure the threads aren’t damaged as you snip. Most scissors will do the task though!

Needles: The general rule is that the diameter of the needle eye, should be the same as the thickness of your thread. A size 7 needle is usually what I prefer.

Pen/Pencil: In this project I’ve used a white ink fabric pen, but anything can be used. Pens designed for fabric can be removed with water or heat once you’ve finished. If you use a standard pen/pencil make sure that the threads cover the ink & you’ll never know!

Below is the pattern I’ve created to share with you for your personal use only. It shares the colour codes, stitch styles and supplies list. I’m sharing this project over on my Instagram reels, so you can head over there to join along, I’d love to see you!

If tracing from a tablet, you can expand the image above to trace it onto your hoop. I use the sunshine through a window to trace my patterns, so below is a pdf of the pattern for you to print off.

This is a stitch together project shared on my Instagram reels. You can find the written pattern guide here!

I hope there is a sunny spot this weekend for you to rest, hydrate and play x

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