Guided Embroidery Patterns

If you enjoyed my free embroidery guides and you’re looking for your next creative project, these three patterns are ones I adore!

These patterns have been created to support your creative journey. One where your focus is on the process, however the end result may be. Inspired by all things floral, these patterns are unique and ask you to trust your own creative talents (I’m right here, cheering you on though!) These patterns are available for purchase over on Etsy at With Thread

Beginner/Intermediate – Compost Moon

A beginners/intermediate embroidery pattern. The crescent moon and compost pile celebrate our connection to nature, while you explore your abstract embroidery talents! This pattern provides you a basic outline and guides you through stitches you can use to fill each space – the rest is up to you!

Intermediate – Healing Botanicals

The next step up in embroidery fun, this pattern guides you through adding some pattern to your embroidery – building it through repetitive basic stitches. This intermediate pattern celebrates the plants that heal us; oat, echinacea, poppy, and chamomile. The warm colour palette of this pattern is instantly cozy!

Advanced – Stay Soft

This pattern tests your embroidery skills with more advanced stitches for maximum texture impact. This pattern takes the petal texture building used in the ‘Healing Botanicals’ pattern and levels up with fluffy wattle blossoms! I’d recommend time and grasp on embroidery before attempting this pattern.

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