It’s always been the trees

a little leaf, a little time, a little stitch

The grevillea in the front of my childhood home was large enough for me to climb and perch in, I could watch the bees, butterflies and birds all day, hidden up there. The honey yellows and soft peachy pinks of the funny shaped grevillea blossoms will always be my part of childhood memories. Gosh I loved that tree.

It doesn’t surprise me that I find myself here, drawn instinctively back to where the loudness can hush a little.

A very shadowy table with baskets of leaves, piles of fabric and a pot of avocado seeds. There is a vase of flowers in the top corner.

Botanical dying allows me to bring that love of the garden and all things growing into my art process. A fallen branch or dropped petals, the inevitable food scraps that come with feeding family, are not yet ready for compost piles. There is still magic to come.

A shot taken from above on a brown wooden deck. There are fresh gum leaves, a pot and two feet in old boots.

The dance of the dye pots has nestled so gently into my motherhood rhythm. A constant hum as I shuffle pots about. Some pots for food, some for fabric.

A white kitchen shelf with an arrangement of things scattered across. a jar of soaking eggshells, withered flowers and a baby dummy are the main items.

My abstract embroidery DIY kits and the thread palettes for you to choose are inspired by my days. Bundling these packages up, so that you may explore your own creativity brings a beautiful beat to my dance.

A collection of fabrics, threads. an embroidery hoop and some driftwood are framed by a vine and sit on a white background.

A little piece of hand dyed fabric and selection of threads is my calm place. My racing mind slowing to the steady pace of my hands.

Published by Kacie With Thread

Sometimes stitching, mostly chasing my babies around. Always happy in the garden.

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