Hyacinth Orchid ~ A free embroidery pattern

The days are a little wobbly at the moment aren’t they? So much uncertainty I find myself swinging between a useless puddle of tears, to moving around the house with nervous energy.

Embroidery is my mindfulness, my mind slowing down to the speed of my fingers. I’m sharing this pattern to share my slow with you. I know that not all of us are in a position to sit and stitch, I know that this time right now is heavy and dark for so many. I hope that by sharing this little native flower pattern with you, it can bring a comfort, a connection, a distraction. I hope it finds you safe & well. Not about perfectly recreating something, it is just simply something for worrying hands to do. Drop your shoulders, make some tea, ignore the weight of your worries for just a little while.

The language of flowers, floriography, brings a message or meaning to different flowers. I enjoy using it as a little guide in my work. The native hyacinth orchid speaks of hope. It is a single stem orchid that shoots up from the undergrowth, no leaves, just bright pink blossoms standing tall. A sight that would surely lift your spirits.

This pattern requires only two styles to complete. Satin and split stitch. I’m a self taught embroidery artist, so I’m teaching you as I do these stitches, I’m sure there is a more technically correct method, but it’s all about enjoyment and this is how I like to stitch. Below is a PDF file that walks you through the stitches needed and provides a pattern and guide.

All right, here goes, my very first pattern for everyone to share, I hope you enjoy x

2 thoughts on “Hyacinth Orchid ~ A free embroidery pattern

  1. leah says:

    I’ve printed this off- such a delightful pattern and guide. I really am a novice though, so I’m not sure how I’ll go. BUT I look forward to slowing down and enjoying this. Thank you. x

    Liked by 1 person

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