Welcome to the ramble.

Here I am, starting a blog in 2020. There’s a voice inside that says, ‘are you mad? No one reads blogs these days, why are you bothering?’ Luckily there’s another voice cheering, ‘it’s 2020, get out there, you’re worthy of space. TAKE. IT. UP.’ That voice also came over and helped me put this page together. Friends are gold.

I want a space to jot the rambling thoughts that spill as I wander to the compost. A space that isn’t Marks’ where I can share what brings me joy. To be read by others isn’t the goal, to just start is. To stop sitting on the side lines and get out there. To nurture and grow a love of words and pictures.

So if you’re here, expect a little bit of dye, a little bit of embroidery and little bit of an occasional blog from a sleep deprived mother who overthinks all the things. I can’t be the only one that last sentence describes. If that’s you too, maybe you’ll say hi here, I hope so.

Published by Kacie With Thread

Sometimes stitching, mostly chasing my babies around. Always happy in the garden.

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